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baza – „basecampit is a safe camp in the high mountains, a place, where members of the expedition set off to reach the summit from and where they return to gain strength before the next summit attack.


Our mission is to increase the availability of outdoor activities for people with disabilities. We believe that contact with nature and experiencing real challenges allow you to overcome your own limitations, gain new competences and get to know yourself better in social contacts. That is why at BASE everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness, is at home – the place which we shape and create together. Here we plan trips together: we set goals, prepare ourselves for the awaiting challenges. We also come back here to rest, draw conclusions and gain strength before the next adventure.


To our basecamp, we invite young people with disabilities to participate in outdoor activities, trips, climbing classes and social competence development programs based on the Adventure / Wilderness Therapy methods. The basecamp is also the place for youths and students from Wroclaw city, interested in social activities and active tourism, as well as Adventure / Wilderness Therapy.


JOURNEY – from the basecamp we set off on both small and big trips. Trips to the mountains and to the water, but also to nearby parks and forests.We also travel deep within ourselves.Together with the group, we set out to learn about our strengths and weaknesses, learn to take care of ourselves and others.

ADVENTURE + CHALLANGE – every adventure we face is real. Mountain peaks, rock wall, river current. We can transfer each activity we experience in nature into our everyday life and the challenges we face.

ADVENTURE THERAPY = PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT– AT method is based on contact with nature, practicing real challenges and adventures we experience in life as well as ways of coping with problems and looking for solutions. Each trip is designed by us and takes into account the needs and possibilities of the group.The goal  is programming these kind of activities that go beyond the comfort zone – learning new things in a safe environment. We focus on developing teamwork skills, communication, coping with difficulties, self-reflection, independence, etc.

COMMUNITY – the basecamp is us – Trainers, Participants, Guests, Instructors, Volunteers and Assistants. We all share the will to be in nature, the love for nature. We invite everyone without exceptions. 

RESPITE FOR CARERS – by carrying out our activities, we also help carers (parents, partners, siblings, other relatives) of people with disabilities in obtaining a moment of respite from the duties related to everyday care.

ACCESSIBILITY – all the activities we offer are available for people with special needs, regardless of the type of disability.We overcome barriers, push boundaries, support and find out that nothing is impossible. We never give up. And all this, of course, with respect for our capabilities and needs, and with the professional support of the Adventure team. SAFETY – each trip is planned by experienced staff.We employ qualified tourism instructors and we care for the physical and emotional safety of our participants.


A group of people smiling after reaching the mountain top.

We organize trips:

  • One and few days trips
  • On weekends and during the week time
  • Whole year round (also in winter)
  • Based on different outdoor activities – climbing, trekking, kayaking, rafting, biking, field games and others
  • Overnight in a tent or in a hostel / hotel / guesthouse
  • Containing elements of social skills training / personal development based on the Adventure Therapy method
  • In small groups – cc.5-8 participants

We provide:

  • Transport
  • Accident insurance
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Necessary equipment (e.g. trekking poles, handles, climbing equipment, canoeing equipment)
  • Staff care (instructors of outdoor activities, AT trainers, assistants, volunteers)

Participation is free


A man climbing a wall.

We run climbing classes in Wroclaw, once a week at Wroclaw climbing center:

  • With elements of social skills training / personal development based on the Adventure Therapy method
  • In small groups – cc. 5-7 participants

We provide:

  • Accident insurance
  • Equipment (ropes, harnesses, belaying devices)
  • Staff care (climbing instructor, AT trainer, assistants, volunteers) Participation is free


A group of people doing spider expercise between trees. Snowing around.

We organize “tailor-made” trainings of the Adventure Therapy method use in work with people with disabilities for:

  • volunteers,
  • assistants,
  • therapists,
  • and other staff of NGOs and public and private institutions providing social services






Fundacja Imago,

Ostrowskiego 30b (room 01,144),

53-238 Wroclaw

Call us:+48 506 734 672, +48 690 504 673, e-mail: